Project Liwanag

   Our journey began in 2015, in the mountains of Capas, Tarlac. In Sitio Yangka, one of the mountain Aeta communities, we experienced the beauty that the indigenous Aetas have to offer. From their hospitality and generosity to their language, culture, and traditions – they shared their lives with us.

   Moved by this and made aware of the marginalization faced by the community, our group decided to create a communal solar electrification project to address one of their expressed needs: light. A year later, the group decided to register as a non-profit organization in order to properly serve the many more indigenous communities and address the lack of basic needs: light, water, education, and sustainable livelihood. We hope to extend the light that was first shared with us to the numerous indigenous communities in the Philippines.

Our Core Values


Long lasting, sustainable solutions are important in supporting developing communities. All projects are guided by this principle, avoiding band-aid solutions and the “dole out” mentality.


To ensure proper and culturally oriented projects, members of each partner community are involved in the planning, decision-making, and implementation of each project. The community is the heart of every project.


Transformational grassroots partnerships that are mutually enriching and affirm the capabilities of each partner community to find their own solutions.


Each project strengthens the community to their resolve for autonomy and self-determination — indigenous communities able to voice out their concerns and defend their rights.


Collective and individual actions of each team member uphold transparency, honesty, and accountability.