Project Liwanag

The Communities

Home to more than 4,000 inhabitants, the mountain Aeta communities of Capas, Tarlac are rich in nature, beauty, and culture. These mountains are home to multiple Aeta tribes, namely the Aeta Abellen, Aeta Hungey, and Aeta Mag-antsi tribes. Although the Aeta traditions live on in each community, their remote nature has brought about many difficulties in living, particularly in keeping up with the demands of the modern world. 

One of the main problems that they face, as mentioned by the Aetas themselves, is the lack of light at night. The darkness poses many threats and hinders the quality of life up the mountains. Without a sustainable source of light, the setting of the sun brings about dangers from wildlife and unsafe passages, takes away the ability of children to study, and prevents families from seeing each other’s faces.

Project Liwanag has since partnered with all the 22 Aeta mountain communities in Capas; and thanks to various sponsors all of the following communities now have access to sustainable light:

  • Sitio Yangka
  • Sitio Bilad
  • Sitio Kawayan
  • Sitio Tarucan
  • Sitio Balatong
  • Sitio Bulacan
  • Sitio Settler
  • Sitio Alunan
  • Sitio Pisapungan¬†
  • Sitio Malalabatay
  • Sitio Alunan 1
  • Sitio Alunan 2
  • Sitio Taliktik
  • Sitio Bunga
  • Sitio Flora
  • Sitio Manabayukan
  • Sitio Pilyen
  • Sitio Pula
  • Sitio Pantol
  • Sitio Dalig
  • Sitio Doray
  • sitio Manalal